Interview: Lejend + New Video

I grew up listening to Big Daddy Kane, Tribe, Common, Roots, De La Soul and Wu-Tang to name a few. I think they showed me sides of life that I wasn’t familiar with and they inspired me. It help me through tough times. They also help me understand how important it is to say something of value when you have a platform. It influenced how I dressed, talked and thought.

How did you come up with the idea for “The Quote” video?

Well I just got with my video guy Tahiti and we did some brainstorming. We wanted to convey something simple but powerful. We decide to shoot it in an underground train station. It’s a lot of movement there. Regular people trying to make it to their destination in life physically and metaphorically. I represent real people and real struggle. We wanted to show people that I am real and just like the next man but I am stepping forward with a message of change. And of course Tahiti put his magic touch on it.

What’s the chemistry like between you and J.Lew?

Well J.lew is my little brother so I just think the chemistry comes naturally. We have been making music for years now and when we get in that zone together. I know we are capable of making amazing music for the world. He is a lot more tech-savvy then me so I relied on him for assortment of issues when it comes to producing a quality product. He knows my music and he keeps me on track. J.Lew is classically trained and used to play the trombone so he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to musicality. We have a very instinctual and organic way of making music and I think that what has allowed me to gain notoriety.

You say “lyricism is a missing element these days”. What are some current rappers you feel are displaying lyricism?

There are a lot of dope artists out. I think you have to mention Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole because they are at the forefront of lyricism within the mainstream. I also love the lyrics of Mick Jenkins, Stalley, Oddisee and Diamond District, Buffalo Black, Fashawn, and Tekforce. I think there is a revival of lyricism just to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I love good music regardless of lyricism.


Shouts to Dunn Deal PR, my man J.Lew, Tahiti, Tekforce, Buffalo Black, Verbal Seed, Carlitta Durand, Mic Most, my girl B.Marie and my Garvey Prospects Media team and to all lovers of real music and Hip Hop.

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