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DMV bred, with Studio 43 on his back Marky is headed towards fame. Here just released an EP today (download after interview). We snuck some sport talk in, he explains his “Journey To MarkyLand”, and much more.

What’s up MarkY?
Nothing much, just tryna get my fame up lol. I’m coolin tho..

You excited about McNabb coming to the RedSkins nation?
Ha! Yeah I am. It seems to be lifting the spirits of my fellow Washingtonians in the area. Good stuff. I’m looking forward to September.

Today is the release of “Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 1”, before I get you talking about it…why 3 EP’s before “43 Miles to Markyland, USA”?
The reasoning behind this is mainly because I have this disappearing act I do, right.. So one minute you see me, the next you don’t. In my case, it’s not a bad thing. It’s actually been working out pretty good for me because once I re-surface, the music is better than ever! I didn’t wanna release 2/3 songs then my final mixtape without touching as many ppl virally as possible beforehand. Therefore, the 3 EP’s gives new listeners that are gained a chance to catch up and anticipate a FINAL product before my debut album. You get that?..

How will the 3 Rest Stops during the Journey to Markyland compare to “Nothing is 43ver”?
I think “Nothing is 43ver” was a side of me that ppl up to that point was use to hearing from me. I’m a lot more in-depth with my music and use it as a mirror to reflect how I may be feeling about something or situations or life. The 3 Rest Stop’s will include a wide variety of music coming from me and just show my versatility.

From the 3 leaked tracks off of Rest Stop 1, you’ve shown your versatility with making songs…Will all 3 EP’s show off your skills or will they become more theme based as we go along the Journey?
Good Question. They’re all based of that, my skills. Not so much to showcasing what I’ve got – just displaying good music, and my way of making music. The songs have different messages in them, and different
characteristics. So there won’t be any formula to the EP’s such as girls song, deep joint, go-in joint lol. All the music was/is apart of my journey. Everybody is witnessing it as we speak so the theme is reality of my

Now..tell us what the first EP has to offer.
The 1st Rest Stop offers charisma, soul, and “daaaaaaamn” (Chris Tucker) lol. From the cover songs I laced to the “In The Morning” cut where I give you something thats easy to listen and ride to. This EP is the sun peaking over the horizon post “Nothing is 43ver”.

Is including “43” in your project titles a pay of respect to Studio 43?

How’s your relationship with fellow DMV rapper, Wale?
It’s cordial.

Any big collaborations involving you in the near future?
Definitely. I really can’t say who right now because some songs may be re-tweaked a little, but just stay tuned in to see. Don’t you hate those answers!? lol I know I do from a fans perspective.

That “I’m The Shit (DC MIX)” was my summer jam…what does the song “Shelia” mean to your career?
“Sheila” meant a great deal to my career. You know what, I think that “Sheila” will re-surface after I pop and become a bigger sensation. “Sheila” is a type of song that I love to create because fun songs like that helps me to transcend from edgier songs that I have about the music industry and how things are in this world. My little sister and her friends loves them songs of mine, and could care less about my lyrical wit about life and the moon lol. It also gives ppl a reference as to who I am and to not feel so threatened by little ol’ me lol. But at the sametime, I hold my own firmly.

What impact do you want “43 Miles to Markyland, USA” to have on the game once released?
Honestly, I just want it to solidify my spot. Point blank. The game now is what we all make it. So if we say is sucks, it sucks. On the flip, if we say its great, then will be that. I just want to stand over here in my own
lane and do my thing. I don’t want anyone with a “name” co-signing me or anything like that. I want to stand on my own 2 and be an empire all in my own stature.

Thank you for your time during your 1st rest stop…hit us with your shoutouts!
No doubt, thanks for the interview! Shoutout to God first and foremost, the entire SRC/Uninversal Staff, Studio43, JB, Diego, Jerry, Big Ken, Jay, my parents, everybody that’s supporting me on all of the websites & blogs, the twitter nation, and you (viewers) that’s reading this. Thanks.

Download Marky’s Rest Stop 1 here.

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