Interview: Swazy Baby

The newest signee to Slip-N-Slide Records takes the time out of his busy schedule to complete a quick interview with us. Be sure to catch a show with him & Yo Gotti if they are near your area.

What up Swazy…thanks for your time.How are prepping for your tour with Yo Gotti?
Jus like I do all my otha shows. I rap in the mirror.

Already doing big things at age 19, how does it feel to be signed at a young age?
Its every body dream to be signed first off so I feel blessed.

What time of your life did you decide rapping was what you were going to pursue?
I first started rapping when i was 9 but I use to like football too. Football and rappin were my two main priorities. I always said if one of em didnt work out i was gone go with the other one. Got to highschool and didnt get to play but 1 year because I use to be fightin all the time so it was 9th grade when i really jus said imma rap cause thats the reason i was gettin in fights. Im bout my music.

How does your early life struggles affect how you live life now?
Im strong now. Going through things and overcoming the situations make you a better person. I appreciate the simple things in life and im always willling to help somebody.

How has the feedback for 1st Round Draft Pick been?
The original one with Dj Krunchone got like 26,000 sum downloads.

Number one goal when stepping in the booth?
I try to make every song better than the last.

Who has been the most fun to work with thus far and who would you like to work with in the future?
I really like workin with myself to tell the truth. Jus me and the engineer and proly a couple of my patnas but i wanna work with jeezy.

What work are you prepping for the last 3/4’s of 2010 and beyond?
I think they talkin bout droppin a album but to tell the truth I want the people to demand a album. I’d rather keep doin mixtapes until then.

Before I let you go…who do you have in the NCAA Final Four?
I aint watched TV in so long I dont know who doin good or doin bad. I like Georgia doe cause thats where Im from. Gotta rep for the home team.

Hit us up with your shoutouts!
Shoutout to everybody that love my music. Imma continue to go hard for yall.

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