Interview With Bryant Stewart

It’s a pleasure to meet you…What’s going on?

It’s a pleasure as well man, I thank you for this opportunity. Ohhh not much is going on, just getting ready to release one of my most worked on pieces of all time nothing too big though haha.

May I first say…your “A Perfect Change” Intro video is admirable. Before we get into the music though lets talk about your blog. Is all promotion for your project or your own personal likings blog?

Thank you man, yea I’ve been getting nothing but great feedback on the video. Actually I started the blog last month in hopes that everyone who sees the video would have a place to come a connect with me on a very personal level. Though I use it for promotion as well, it’s more about displaying my message constantly on a year round basis. I’m not sure about everyone else, but when I like an artist I want to see their progress on a day to day basis.

What is your relationship with IM-King..employee, model, designer?


I love telling people this story, I actually work for IMKING in the marketing department. When I tell people they’re always like so what are you going to do when your music takes off, and I say I’m still going to work. The thing with IMKING is I was working with another company and when that company didn’t work out for me IMKING was there to take me in. So I feel that I owe them a lot still, so it’s my duty to take them to the top with me and represent where ever I go. IMKING or DIE

Introduce us to the group you manage and give us a little more insight into the group and what they stand for.

Actually just recently I turned in my management card to work solely on my career, we all thought that would be best right now. However everyone can still check out their stuff at


You know a question of this extent was coming…How has St. Louis affected you as an artist?

Haha yea man I get it all the time, I love it though because I want to paint the picture for everyone man. Well music here is really different, which is not a bad thing I like it all actually. I just think there’s more to life
than being in the club, driving the best cars, and having tons of money. I believe when your given the opportunity to display your music on a platform that large you should carry a message. For me it was like okay I’ve heard this artist and that artist talk about money and cars, but what now what’s next?


Your music is far different style from his but has Nelly been a role model to your music?

Nelly has definitely been a role model for me, because he overcame the obstacle of taking his music further than St.Louis and for that I’ll always look up to him. Nelly is a truly talented artist and I wouldn’t mind working with him myself some day. Too I want to add it’s weird here, because St.Louis is so small everyone knows everyone, so for the world it’s like OMG that’s Nelly, but for me it’s like oh that’s just Nelly.

What other underground artist are doing their thing in St.Louis right now?

You’ve got Shorty Da Kid, Laudie, Louie V, Young Spiffy, Ludy, Shaun Li, Hollywood, T. Will, Brad Young, and of course me haha.

Now on to your upcoming project. When did the creation of “A Perfect Change” begin?

The creation actually began this summer, I was sitting in my room and thought I’m going to work on my music! So I’ve just been cutting songs every since.

In one sentence explain what “A Perfect Change” stands for.

A Perfect Change stands for being the change that you want to see in the world, a perfect change can only start with you.

A month,months,year,years after “A Perfect Change” has been released…What are your hopes/intentions for it to have accomplished?

I just hope that it reaches the masses and raises the awareness towards the overall importance of life. I hope by then my career is in a concrete position and people can look back and say wow his music was this good back in 2009-2010.

If someone told you “A Perfect Change” inspired them to change their life from bad road to good path….What would that mean to you not only as an artist but a person?

You know when your little and your like I’m going to play in the NBA, it sounds good but when you actually make it; it’s like wow(a surreal feeling). So for me it’s like I want people to hear that it’s ok to be you and there’s more to life than the un-tangible. So if someone actually told me that, I’d probably cry actually, because that’s everything I’m working towards.

Since it is obvious you are into fashion, I got a good one for you. You are performing in front of 1,000s of people…What outfit are you rockin’?

Well this is a hard one man like really hard, but I’m going to narrow it down and say IMKING…BAM! Haha man I never go anywhere without my IMKING so that’s not even a hard one. It’s an IMKING takeover we’ve got Denim, Tees, Jackets, Watches, Shoes, Hats, and so on and so forth. I have no reason to rock anything else haha. IMKING or DIE!

Before we wrap up the interview, Tell the people who Bryant Stewart is and what his goals and future plans are with music.

Bryant Stewart is just a guy from St.Louis, MO who’s about change, and changing the world one person at a time. I hope to bring a new wave of music to the world, something never seen before.

Is there a release date for “A Perfect Change”?

For sure, A Perfect Change drops December 18, 2009 exclusively at LETSCHANGEUS.COM

Hit us with your shoutouts..

I’d like to say thank you to each and every person that has, will, and won’t support me!

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