Interview With Jay-Cro Jay-Young’n

Whats going on in the big D?

A lot of progress, I see big things coming out of my city on the music scene. All we gotta do is keep it loving and support one another.

Give us a short bio before we get in with the interview.

I’m a rap artist from Detroit, Michigan called “Jay-Cro Jay-Young’n” ;the youngest of my camp U.S.R.(United Street Regime) im the type of artist that take real life experiences and my personality in my music. So I can make songs just about anything you can think of.

Jay Young’n or Jay Cro?

Both, Jay-Cro Jay Mutha Fukkin Young’n lol

Why the name dilemma?

I used to put aka in da middle like “Jay-Cro a.k.a Jay-Young’n” but I like the ring is has like a 1st name lastname. But its a lot of artist with the name Jay something so I made it double to be different. “Jay-Cro” comes from my real name and ppl start callin me “Jay-Young’n” cuz im the young buck

Was Potential:Then & Now your first official tape?

yea my 1st official solo mixtape, but my 5th in total

The whole project has a very cool theme behind it…please explain.

well I’ve had a whole mixtape done from when I was in high school that I never released, and still songs from back then I’ve never released, but I felt like these songs were to good to just sit and be unheard. The only problem was that they were so old my whole style and delivery changed and progressed from then. So that’s when I got the idea to do new songs and show people my Potential on tracks from then and now.

How do you think the project has faired and how has the feedback been?

The project has definitely opened up a lot of ppls ears and showed em what type of artist I am. the outcome was much more greater than I thought it would. I know ppl aren’t going to like it all the way threw but I got a song for everybody on there and ppl have their selected fav tracks off it. The feedback has been all positive but that’s only cuz I feel ppl aren’t going to hate in my face so I haven’t heard anything negative about it.

Who were big contributors other than yourself with this project?

Well def my team U.S.R. much support from my bros. My manager Ahnna Alise of UrbanLax Entertainment def motivated me, Cydara Elise came through for me on my track “Three L’s” without her my fav song would have never been done. Ski of Northstarz put it all together far as the mixing and mastering, wit out him the tape wouldn’t have even been out period, big ups to him tru story. Nate Hickman for goin in on the album art, I kno I can be a picky nigga sometimes but we worked it out lol

Outside of music…What is/are your other passion(s)?

Really I would have to say my family and God I mean music is my life so that’s where all my passion is at in heart.

What projects are you currently working on and when can we expect them to
be released?

my EP “Young’ns In Charge” and my album “SELF EXPLANATORY” hopefully both drop in 2010


God 1st off for this blessing he has giving me and everything else in my life, U.S.R / Big Keys ENT. / Black Gov / UrbanLax Entertainment, LLC / Posh n Naughty / Tawag / HHH Magazine / City Tee’s / DjPest &Team Hustler radio / DJ Grand K / Scollas word / flying with the fishes / Erica Hayes / Dibbs / awesome entertainment universe / / Northstarz / Atone Studios /17threalm / Underground Fusion / all in one note / living in the stars / though the eyes of lanice / Iku-Daily /Dante Marshal photography / EbonyStar / Mixtape Dailey / / Reup Spot and Vick much luv on the promo, and most importantly ALL OF MY SUPPORTING FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER I APPRECIATE THEM ALL!

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