Interview with Satele

How did you first discover Tribe? What effect did it have on you?

The first person to really introduce me to Tribe was my older brother. I really owe him for really exposing me to conscious HipHop. Growing up I confused Rap with HipHop. So I really was turned off by rappers that only talked about materialistic or monetary things. So, when he got me hipped to Tribe I really learned that there’s more to this HipHop culture than just rappers. I learned that HipHop is a lifestyle and it was set in place to really progress the thinking of younger generations especially the Black community.

How’d you connect with J Rawls?

Funny thing is Mr. Rawls was a teacher at a school that I went to when I was younger. My mom also taught at the same school, so he knew my siblings and I through her. I never, ever knew he did music to the degree he was doing it at the time. I got reconnected with Mr. Rawls through DJ O Sharp. One day I was invited to Mr. Rawls’ home studio. When we arrived there Mr. Rawls answered wearing a shirt from the old school I went to and I was super surprised. “J. Rawls is Mr. Rawls??!?!?” lol So it’s easy to say that I’ve know Mr. Rawls since I was a child.

What’s theFWD about?

theFWD is a collaborative project consisting of my label-mate Ceezar and I. Our self-titled EP was release back in December of 2014 and we have recently released a remix edition back in May of this year. Ceezar and I have been working together for forever so it was only right to create a project based around our own individual takes. theFWD represents the “forward” movement of the younger generation. Also, theFWD is also an acronym comprised of:

F – friend / must be friendly with our fellow brothers and to help them when needed.

W – warrior / we must fight for the change we so desperately want.

D – delegate / we must be the voice for those that don’t have one.

What’s the vibe like in Columbus these days?

There’s good vibes in Columbus. I feel that there’s a lot of artists and musicians doing things to help shape what it means to be from the city. There’s vibes of a self-discovery in the city where people are experimenting with different things and creating hybrids of various genres and artistic styles. I’m really interested to see where Columbus is headed.

What’s next for you?

I’m gearing up for my first solo performance at the Creative Control Festival which I’m super excited about. Also, theFWD will be performing at this year’s A3C which will be even more exciting. But, I would definitely want to do more shows around the country. Hopefully work with even more artists and fellow producers. Wherever God leads me, honestly, I will go. Who knows, maybe I will be producing tracks for someone and it charts on the Billboard Hot 100.

Check out his latest release Memory Of A Sweet Soul.

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