It’s A PREMIERE Interview

First off I’d like to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday (Aug. 9th).

Thanks a lot man, i really appreciate it.

How are you doing today?

I’m pretty much okay, every thing’s well.

Good, Good. May I ask why the name PreMiere?

hmm well, PreMiere carries out its own definition as ‘’presenting publicly for the first time ’’. As a musician I felt as though the explanation of this word applied to me. When I’m being presented to the world as a musician for the very first time, (knowing it would be something epic) I want my fans to remember that first time as much as I am. When the dates of my releases of my second, third or even my fourth album arrive later on in my career, I want to capture the same feeling as though it were my first time again. I would love to share that mutual feeling with my fans, and if that wish is granted, my job is successfully being completed.

Sounds very original. Where are originally from?

I’m from the East New York section of Brooklyn, but i reside in Crown Heights as of now.

So moving on with the music… what projects are you currently working on?

Hmm… well I’m currently working with a few producer’s on my upcoming album titled ‘No Days Off’, as well as my upcoming mixtape which has yet been titled. The first single off the album is also titled ‘Heartbreaker’ which was produced by Ajayones of G-14 Productions. The single was recently release online to a few websites. You can check that out at

We’ll be waiting to hear that. What inspired you to begin your music career?

Actually I’ve been doing music through out my whole life, I start roughly around the age 11. I go through so much and i figured i could always use music as a outlet when it came to expressing myself about certain
things. Once I got started creating music I develop a strong passion for it.

Glad you can use a positive outlet such as music. Who is/are your favorite artist(s)?

hmm… I’m not so interested in other artist at this point in time in the music industry. But I must admit
Fabolous will always be my first choice of hearing.

Any talents beyond rapping?

hmm.. well I’m not to sure if songwriting is excluded from rapping, but I’m considering it. I think I’m pretty good.

Word. What else do you have going for yourself as far as your music career as far as updates?

hmm.. I’ve just been working real hard to develop a good sound while I make good quality music for the audience I am trying to attract. In the meantime I’ve been blessed to finalize a sponsor deal with ‘Unlike No
Other Boutique’ which is a upcoming tee-shirt boutique that also resides in Brooklyn, New York. I wear most of there shirts in my photo’s so look out for them they’re definitely a sight to watch.

*On the look out* Well anyone you would like to shout out before we rap this up…

First & foremost i would definitely like to take the time out to give thanks to Vick for reaching out to me on the interview, i would like to give thanks to my manager’s Platinum & Krys-Style for making a lot of things
possible for me & backing me 100 percent, I also wanna thank Bella B. for supporting me in everything I ever decided to do, last but not lease i definitely wanna give thanks to SD, Spaz & every one that supports my music career. Peace & Love.

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  1. i really like this interview he shows how much he’s into music and he’s coming up fast love it

  2. Great work! the song is really well put together. good luck man, ill be looking out for the album.

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