It’s Ramzy

Whats Good Ramzy? Thanks for the opportunity to interview you, hope you are doing well.

Aw man it’s not a problem at all. I’m feeling great right now, definitely can’t complain!

Glad to hear that man so…Who is Frank Ramz?

Frank Ramz is a hip-hop artist from the Bronx bringing a bright new perspective, reality & a refreshing sound into music. His goals in music are to motivate, inspire & to breed positivity!

Wow you are really humble. How has the release of your latest project “Make The Road By Walking” been?

It’s been great! Well received by everybody. Got over 1,200 downloads in 5 days, which is a big jump for me. I just hope that ppl really get something out of it that they can use in life to better themselves.

Thats great, keep grinding. What or who was your biggest inspiration for making this project?

The what would be life. The who would have to be the Menahan Street Band, because once I heard the instrumentation, I was instantly inspired! Just like all my other songs, it’s a reflection of life. Art imitates life!

Sounds like you had a lot of fun making this project. Your project has no features, why is that and if you could have had one artist on this project who would have it been and why?

My projects mainly have no features because I’m impatient, I don’t like waiting for ppl. And also I usually end up writing to the entire beat so there’s no space for anyone else. But if I could have one artist feature on this project, it would definitely be Lauryn Hill. No questions asked!!!!


Haha thats word! L-Hill is a legend, maybe that will come true…If it does you know my email :) I know this hasn’t been your first project, so which out of all of them are your favorite and why?

This one, but not because it’s my latest project. Every artist always says their latest project is their favorite or their best. I’m saying my fav is *MTRBW* because it was actually planned. On all my other projects (except my first) I simply just went into the studio and recorded a bunch of songs with no intentions of putting it onto a project. Then a few days after recording them, out the blue I would think of
a name and just say, ”Why Not?” It helps to keep me consistent & relevant, plus ppl appreciate great/free music.


Free is always good. How does being from the Bronx effect how you approach making music?

It actually doesn’t effect me at all. I never think like, “Oh I’m from the Bronx so I have to do it this way, or sound like this”. I do what comes natural to me. I represent a different style than what ppl are used to hearing from a hip-hop artist out of the Bronx.

Again you a very humble man. So after all this success of MTRBW, what are the near future plans for Ramzy?

Right now I’m simply plotting & brain storming on my next project. Nothing is definite just yet, but one thing is definite & that is….Whatever I do next, is going to be Monumental !!!

MTRBW is there, I hope you continue to grow Ramzy. Okay time for some random questions…Who is Frank Ramz favorite rapper?

Lupe the Fiasco, hands down!

Why the name Frank Ramz?

It’s simply a shorter version of my real name; Frank(lin) Ram(bert) then I added the z at the end of Ram.

Is Frank Ramz a singer?

At heart, yes I am. The first couple of songs I ever wrote in my life were R&B songs, way back when I had a little voice. Now I just have alot of R&B ideas, rhythms and melodies in my mind. It’s just another thing that comes naturally. I’m looking for a focus R&B singer to work with tho.

Got Any Shoutouts? and…Who is Frank Ramz new favorite blog?

Just a special thank you to everyone who has supported me &/or my music in any way, shape or form. Big shout out to my sis Iba Oshun w/ blessing the *MTRBW* intro w/ the help of the uber talented BK Vigor aka Soul Rebel. And of course Re-UpSpot!!

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  1. Dude is cool as fuck and dope as all hell.. Big ups and thanks to ramz i hope the road he is walkin is long and we hear alot more

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