J. Nolan – Chaos Theory

Jamar Nolan is a 22 year-old rapper coming out of New Haven, Connecticut, who currently resides in Atlanta. He’s been recording music for about 6 years now. His style might be described as “new flavor with an old feel” – kinda East-Coast 90’s type of rap, at times jazzy and peaceful, at times more raw and aggressive. Here’s a note from Jamar himself:

“Chaos Theory,” sponsored by RefinedHype.com, Da-What.com, & Jamandahalf.com. As you can tell by the artwork, it is a much more raw offering than all of my previous work. This feeling was derived from depression, in all honesty. The records that followed were pretty much my way of coping without snapping on anyone or doing something stupid that would jeopardize my future. Plus I was listening to a lot of Mobb Deep’s ‘The Infamous’ along w/ Jeru The Damaja’s ‘The Sun Rises in The East’ so those soundscapes kinda rubbed off on me. I hope you all enjoy it. And remember to keep it #Righteous. Even when times get hard. Much love and respect.”

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