Jack Frost – “You’re Beautiful” (Video)

Even Sir Too $hort, The Pimp For Life, Cosigned This Ode To Black Love #DOPE

Bruuh! I look up, and I see my dude from Tuskegee… my hometown… my fam-lam from the 46… doing his craft… and I am posting IMMEDIATELY! To every dreamer out there, start! Just start.

I remember this kid had nothing on the studio session or beats, didn’t even have an ‘MC’ name, but he just started! Bruce Berry just started rhyming out in front of school and in the lunch room (side note: tables in there make for the best freestyle beat-making, know that). Fam started drawing small crowds. Moving up the road and enrolling at Auburn High, with Auburn University as the backdrop, he did the same things as an artist on the come-up; but drew bigger crowds. A talent show here, a hole-in-the-wall there, all while saving bits of change from part-time gigs. Facebook gets big and provides a platform to take his talents wherever the Internet goes and off Bruce – um, excuse me, Jack Frost now – goes. Earning a bit more with a full-time job, continually building a solid rep as an artist and building a network of support, J. Frost kept grinding.

Then life stepped in: Love happened. The real sh!t. Not just ‘bae’… QUEEN! And when the money piled enough to get a song inspired by her written AND recorded… AND to get a music video shot… why not feature his beautiful queen as the co-star in it? EXACTLY! Why not? That’s what J. Frost did. Absolutely no reason not to celebrate the Black Queen in your life as your co-star in every way!

Y’all better take a note from J. Frost: There is no need to look for a star when she has stood by you all along. Tell that sista, “You’re Beautiful.” He wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it go!



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