Jamaris – Double Standard

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, NY, Jamaris grew up with a diverse background in culture and style that is shown in her music today. She’s been singing and song-writing since the age of 8. In 2013, she co-founded underground label, City of Soul Labs. Her passion is to see true R&B and Hip Hop return to the mainstream; music with lyrical substance and heartfelt soul. Opening up about her intense life experiences, Jamaris pushes a message that is sure to shock the world.

Jamaris comes on the scene with her debut album, Double Standard. The 14-track expresses love (with her hauntingly soulful “syncRONicity”, dedicated to her husband, Ron Donson), pain (“Pieces”) and all over lyrical prowess (“Diamond In The Rough”). The album definitely mixes hip hop with r&b, just like how it used to be done in the 90s and early 2000s, showing Jamaris’ musical multi-facetedness.

Donson, who is executive producer of Double Standard, states how the soul in today’s music has completely diminished.”It’s the systematic brainwash of our people to only turn up and thot out and never fall in love.”

Double Standard features guest appearances from Honey Dinero, Hush Harding, Savage Trinity, Carnage the Executioner and Brooklyn Zu’s Judah Priest. And as the bonus track, Jamaris has a little fun putting her spin on the Pharcyde classic, “Passing Me By.”

Double Standard may be one of the albums that brings rhythm and blues back from the raunch and bullshit. You can cop the album out now on Bandcamp.

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