Joe Budden Addresses Inspectah Deck Diss


“I guess he felt the verse was necessary, whatever. He’s kinda out the loop. I don’t even really know—it’s none of my business or place to say— I don’t really know how hard the Wu niggas even fuck with him. For the shit to be resolved and for him to come out with this… it just puts me in awkward situation. Me and Raekwon had this long, long, long heart-to-heart— me, him, Bus— first day of the [Rock The Bells] tour.”

“The logical Joe Budden says to ignore it, it’s not worth the time. And it’s really not. He ain’t got it anymore. And I say that with the utmost respect for him and everything that he’s done. I understand all that he’s contributed to hip-hop. He’s part of one of the best groups ever made. I think somewhere in between this whole VIBE and JoeBuddenTV, people and some of the Wu members took it as ‘Joe Budden doesn’t have respect for his elders’, or love for the people that paved the way, and that’s totally not the case. But Deck ain’t got it no more.”

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