Joe Budden, Inspectah Deck HEATING UP

Inspectah Deck literally says, “FUCK JOE BUDDEN!” I can’t say I’m surprised or excited about the beef.. I’m looking more forward to Mood Muzik 4 and Slaughterhouse, BUT!! Joey kills it in these situations. Check It Out!

..and Jumpoff’s thoughts..

Deck responds again..

1) Deck says: “No one was yelling for Slaughterhouse when I got on. I got on halfway through Raekwon’s set.”
2) Deck says: “After I said what I said onstage, I was never hid from nobody. I did Rae’s set. Then I jumped into the crowd and signed autographs. Then I hung out backstage. I was there for Busta’s sets. I was there for other sets. I was there until they started taking down the stage.”
3) Deck says: “I didn’t come to the show to perform. I came to the show to talk to Joe.“*

as told to MissInfo

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