Joe Cool-“Mixtape For No F**king Reason” (Mixtape)

Dope rhymes, concepts, and beats…that’s all the people want…and that’s what this tape delivers! (three thumbs up).

Bio:“Creativity and elegance defines & solidifies greatness’……those are the words and the self-made quote of this musical phenomenon. Born October 11th 1989, on the south-side of Chicago Illinois, Terrance Donell Brown (Joe Cool) was born into the late 80′s trends and pop culture. As a young boy he watched and studied the moves and music of Michael Jackson. He was always creative in his own way, at times making him the outcast or underdog. At the age of 15 he moved to the central Louisiana area and started producing and recording his own records, as well as for other local hip-hop artist around. ‘Music and art shaped my self-being,’ he says. ‘I started as a battle rapper just listening to Eminem, Outkast, Oynx, just raw hip-hop. As I grew I became more concerned about the overall outtake of my music period.’ Unlike many other artists Joe Cool’s influences derive from hip-hop as well as many indie & alternative rock music which gives a distinct sound in his music.”

The “Mixtape For No F**king Reason” is dominantely produced by Joe Cool. It features SuperCookie affiliate Aartt Shou (Art Show), Rain, and Rich Hil. Guest Production by Supercookie affiliate Chef Boy Ardee, The Legion, and Corey G

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