Julian Samuels – “Make America Great Again” (Video)

And no, it will not be easy. Whoever said striving for greatness would be easy??

Social media. Sometimes it be on that BS. But sometimes a share I see there should earn the sharer a BS… For Birmingham (Alabama) born artist J Samuels, that’d be a Bachelor of [Dropping] Science… on what it takes to really ‘make America great’… Nowadays he’s coming at us straight out of Jacksonville (Florida) with this call for spiritual healing, for no more games, for us to care for and love each other, and to try to get on the some page.

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Julian Samuels



What’s up everyone! My name is Julian Samuels and i am musician that does all clean music talking about relatable situations that we all go through! Music is what i love to do because i feel like it’s what gets me through! All i ask of you is to follow me on my journey to success by subscribing and viewing all of my latest video! Feel free to like, share, or comment on any video! Your feedback is always appreciated!!! Much love! 🖤🙏🏽🙌🏽🎙🔥💯

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