Kahlee – Champion + Interview

San Diego-based, Gardena, California-bred rapper Kahlee presents “Champion”, his collaboration with Los Angeles producer Soulplusmind (Method Man, Gyptian) which will appear on Kahlee’s forthcoming EP Loogie.

You just dropped the Loogie EP. What’s it about?

After releasing Blessed and ReBlessed which are concept driven albums, I wanted to bar out. No topic, just spit. So I got with some homies from my crew, The Fresh State: Uptown Swuite and Ric Scales. Then reached out to extended fam, Namek from Chamber Records to make the song “Loogie.” We ended up shooting a video for it and after we wrapped, I guess you can say we were still feeling the fungal effects of mother nature. I just asked the homies if they wanted to drop a free EP with it and everyone was down. Off Balance from Digital Martyrs was there with us and wanted to remix Loogie so we closed out the record with it. Ended up with 2 group tracks and a solo cut from each of us.

How do you feel about the presidential race? Predictions?

This is a tough question to answer fully, especially without typing an essay. Overall, I’m disappointed in a lot of people who have been overlooking the racist bullshit Ronald McDonald Trump has been promoting. I’m not deep into politics but it’s hard to not be somewhat involved, so though I have my reservations about all candidates (as most people should) I guess you can say I’m less scared of the “Democratic” party. LoL. Seems like every Republican rep has some very important screws loose and I just hope that everyone gets out there to vote. I feel like so many people think Gump, I mean Trump is so ridiculous that no one will vote for him, so they don’t vote against him. But that shit is a scary thought, cause I’ll bet my life savings that every 3 tooth having, hilly billy, mouth breather out there is gonna come out of their trailer for this next presidential racist… I mean race.

Who do you think is the most influential rapper or hiphop act of all time and why?

I think it might be Pac. Maybe because he was a great combo of consciousness and ignorance perfectly conveyed through an emotional rap style that everyone could feel. But I think Kendrick will definitely be amongst the top in upcoming years. His content and messages mixed with his method of delivery is like none other. I feel like he’s barely scratched the surface of his own potential. He has the opportunity to really make a positive change in the world and while most people lose focus, I have high hopes that he stays his course.

What’s your favorite rap album of all time and why?

If you asked me another day I may have a different answer, but right now, I’ll say Cali Agents’ How the West Was Won. Like many albums I can listen to it front to back with only 1 skip. But at the time when it dropped, I had just started going to Hip-Hop shows and freestyling. I was just beginning to have my own taste of music that my older brother didn’t introduce me to and it was a huge turning point in my becoming an adult. Til this day I can throw it in the ride and it feels like a brand new album.

What do you think surprises listeners the most about you?

I think my recent material (Blessed, ReBlessed) have more serious topics so when I clown around in a music video, or make jokes on stage at a show, people are not always sure if I’m being funny, sarcastic, or an asshole.. The secret is I’m all 3 ;)

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