Kanye’s 10 Best Scene Stealing Verses

An excerpt from Complex Blog about my favorite rapper. Check the link at bottom.

Rappers have always been quick to put Kanye West on a song. Early on some probably did it as a means to getting one of his beats. Later, maybe ’cause he was a nice guy. Then, obviously, it was because he was a superstar and selling point. But we always secretly thought a part of it was that these rappers, competitive as they are, just didn’t feel threatened by ‘Ye, lyrically. Take Jay-Z, for example, who just threw out “Run This Town”, the new single off Blueprint 3 featuring none other than Kanye West. Well guess what, Big Homie? Lil bro here fucked around and murdered you on your own shit!

But then, really, should Jay be surprised? We started thinking about all the other times rappers invited Yeezy onto their songs, and we noticed a trend. Every time ‘Ye has a chance to shine next to your favorite rapper he goes in and goes in hard! (Pause) Whether you’re in agreement or disbelief, keep reading to check out Kanye’s 10 Best Scene-Stealing Guest Verses (rap songs only) complete with audio clips and our favorite lines. Apologies to those who got laid out, but stop sleeping on the kid!

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Run This Town

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  1. i knew you would post this.. i see you haven’t read it in its entirety.. its blasphemous.. what they said about Slum Village.. are you kidding.. yo Complex we dont believe you, you need more people.. fuckin lames!!

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