Knightstalker – The Opening Move

The topics range from socio-critical statements (Survival Strategy, Enough, Escape From Babylon I + II, Sinister Fate) to straight boomin’ HipHop anthems (Countdown, Just Holla, Platoon Leaders). “Late Knight Show” depicts the inner city street life in an unusual and anti-glorifying way, while “Thermosphere” and “Throw Ya Grams Up” are odes to HipHop’s natural medicine of choice. A few “freestyles” are mixed in between to find an exact balance between up-tempo/aggressive and slow/mellow songs.

The guests on “The Opening Move” mixtape are just as diverse as the subject matter: Bronx/NY veteran Armageddon of Terror Squad fame hops on the title cut “Opening Move” while one of Florida’s finest newcomers Laws delivers a fresh 16 bars on “Malfunction Info”. The international underground favorite Tableek (of Maspyke) is feature on “Survival Strategy” and Knightstalker’s homie LuGuz (New Jersey) appears
on three cuts of the mixtape. New York City’s own mixtape villains St.Laz and Opium make an appearance on the bangin’ “Just Holla” while Staten Island’s Wu-Tang affiliate Stumik (of Raekwon’s Ice Water Inc.) adds his sinister vocals to the aptly titled “Sinister Fate”. Production is mostly handled by my in-house producers Romeo and Marodeur as well as international beatsmiths Nefew (Switzerland), 2 Hungry Bros. (USA), Sneezy of Hammer & Zirkel (Germany), Shaolin Beatmaker (France) and Logan-C (USA).


1. Intro (by DJ Klapton)
2. Countdown (prod. by Marodeur)
3. Overseas Sh*t
4. Jadakiss Call
5. The Opening Move (feat. Armageddon) (prod. by Sneezy)
6. Verse 4 Verse (feat. LuGuz & Double A.B.)(prod. by Romeo) EXCLUSIVE
7. Late Knight Show (prod. by Nefew)
8. EPMD Call
9. The 1st 16 EXCLUSIVE
10. Just Holla (feat. St.Laz & Opium)(prod. by Romeo)
11. Enough (feat. LuGuz) (prod. by Romeo)
12. Throw Ya Grams Up
13. Escape from Babylon I (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros) EXCLUSIVE
14. South Berlin Mentality
15. Rakim Call
16. The 2nd 16 EXCLUSIVE
17. Git Money (feat. Kool Sphere of Verbal Threat) (prod. by Romeo)
18. Thermosphere (feat. Dox Boogie, Fred Diezil, & LuGuz) (prod. by Romeo)
19. Escape from Babylon II (prod. by Romeo) EXCLUSIVE
20. Malfunction Info (feat. Laws) (prod. by Marodeur)
21. Platoon Leaders (feat. Apaulo Treed) (prod. by Romeo)
22. The 3rd 16 EXCLUSIVE
23. Sinister Fate (feat. Stumik of Ice Water) (prod. by Shaolin Beatmaker)
24. Survival Strategy (feat. Tableek of Maspyke) (prod. by Marodeur)
25. From The Bottom (prod. by Logan-C Beats) EXCLUSIVE
26. Outro (by DJ Klapton)


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  1. Hey,

    Just started listening… sounds dope so far. Driving me crazy though, what is the synth line in The Opening Move sampled from? It’s on the tip of my brain…

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