Kool Quise – The Life & Times of AC Slater

“The stylings of a Kool Nigga so turn up the AC and Chill.”

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  1. Artist Name: Dante Hagerman
    Age: 23
    Current Location: Dallas, Tx
    Stage Name: Donny Domino
    Music site: http://donnydomino.bandcamp.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DonnyDomino
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/donnydomino

    Short Bio
    Donny Domino is more than just a rapper, he is an artist. Born in Dallas, Tx and raised by and around musicians of all sorts(pianists, opera singers, D.J.’s, etc.), it is no wonder what contributes to musical melting pot style of music. With dreams of being a professional chef he never would’ve guessed he’d want to pursue a career in music seriously. He started experimenting with making music(writing, recording and making beats) as a sophomore in High School but has always a natural ear for harmonics. Musically he prides himself on being a well-rounded artist showcasing skills being a rapper/lyricist, singer/songwriter and recording engineer. Although having written countless songs, “Nerdy Ninja” will be his first solo hip-hop project in his 23 years of living.

    Single Link/Stream Link

    Single Info
    “Reset” is a single from the up and coming EP entitled “Nerdy Ninja” that consists of an uplifting message for those willing to listen. I wanted to share with the world some encouraging music because I feel there isn’t enough of it within the world of hip hop as far as new artists are concerned. I began working on this project in 2011 but as it progressed so did I and “Reset” is a testament to such mental growth. Production on this single can be credited to -topic of “The Paramediks” production squad. With this single I want everybody to relax and remember: “Life is what you make it.”

    Thank You for your time!

    Special thanks to those who contributed

    -topic: https://twitter.com/#!/FollowTheTopic

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