Kosha Dillz – Chump Change ft. Kyle Rapps (prod. by J57)

The hustle is real and Kosha Dillz and Kyle Rapps are trying to monetize it all. Financially conscious Emceee connect with producer J 57 and wrap their head around the possibilities of making it big financially, as well as managing their patience. What is the answer to it all? Investment!

“Look at all this money, not a lot here right not it’ll be here one day…
everything else is chump change, you need more than 10 bucks to make a chump change.”

All three artist are working on solo material currently, with Kosha Dillz having his upcoming album What I do All Day and Pickle coming out
in the end of May / Early June on his own OY VEY imprint via SoulSpazm. OY VEY recently hosted it’s second official SXSW showcase featuring Kool Keith, Fat Tony Shinobi Ninja, TESHA, and more.

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