Kyle Rapps – Michigan

Over the years, Kyle Rapps has displayed a seemingly innate ability to deftly shift from one sound to the next, all while remaining true to his artistic vision. The dexterous vocalist drives that point home with “Michigan,” the rapper’s latest release. It’s a banger, fueled by an electro-rap bravado that matches the track’s core message of a man who can’t help but lust after any attractive woman he sees—in spite of the fact he has a good woman at home.

Whereas the previously released “Bunker” had more of a paranoia-laced haze to it, “Michigan” is almost surprisingly catchy given its mysterious subject matter. You can thank producer Belief for that, as his floor-stomping beat pushes Rapps to switch up his flow throughout the track. That’s particularly true of the verses, where the Mexico City-residing emcee jumps in and out of the pocket before delivering one of his catchiest hooks to date.

While “Michigan” is a loosie and not affiliated with an upcoming project, it’ll no doubt leave you wondering exactly where Rapps is headed with his next effort. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be like anything we’ve heard before. “Michigan” is now available for stream and download through all major digital retailers.

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