Landon Wordswell – Forget Everything (Video)

A fan made this video to the track Forget Everything which is off the Thomas Prime – Night & Day EP which you can download HERE.

The video depicts a child going through many phases in life and his love for art.
He confides in his book where he writes and sketches constantly. A form of expressive art.
As he grows, he is picked on, bullied by other teens. These are important stages in his life that craft him into the person he becomes eventually. Once he matures he deals with responsibilities (ie. bills, loans, etc.)
He reminisces about the past events, constantly contemplating about the dark phases he went through to get to the point in life where he is at now. (The alleys represent this)
He realizes that the countless times he spent expressing himself through art and creativity –
Has made him more optimistic in life, appreciating every struggle that he experienced. (The field represents this)
Eventually, he found Hope through his struggles.

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