LaVish: Dose of Dopeness

Yup, another “Dose of Dopeness” with the dude LaVish holdin down Los Angeles. Be sure you keep an eye out for his latest project “Hometown Hero”. Hope yall enjoy this!

LaVish whats goin on bro?

I’m chillin man, chillin..reporting live from the studio.

Thats wassup…So how old are you and how long you been rappin?

I’m 16 and I started back in like the 7th/8th grade. And got serious with it in the 9th when I did my first tape, “Cooley High”

That was a pretty nice tape btw…So how’d you come up with the name LaVish by the way?

Well as a kid I use to wanna be an actor, or singer (before rap) and my pops would say, “You gotta live up a lavish life”. So that kinda stuck and that was the life I had set out to live. It took several names to finally come up with just LaVish.

So you’re workin on Hometown Hero right now, so how’s that comin along?

It’s going pretty real man. Name & Chuck Wun (two in-house producers) being working hard on this joint with me. Had to re-master and takeout a lot of songs. But at the end of the day, we worked towards a classic.

Who should we expect to see on this?

The features on here are dope, I’d say, we got my L.A. homies, Casey Veggies, Skeme, Vince Staples, Dom Kennedy and more..

What the production lookin like, who all you got producin it?

Well, I got Name & Chuck Wun who I mentioned before, Polyester, Masterminds, Beats 4 Clothes, and more..I also did a few tracks on there that people will enjoy.

So whats your favorite joint on it so far? From everything I heard I like Tops Come Down the most. I made the hook into one of my ringtones. LOL!

Haha, thanks bro. But so far, I’m gonna go with the Intro titled “Going Home”, “Fly Dreams” & “Searching”..I don’t wanna release all my favs, I want people to find their own favorites.

Maybe to early to ask but do you have any future projects in the works?

I can say that me and Name are working on an EP together, and also me and Chuck Wun got a tape coming also, if I release the title then people will prolly steal the idea, so I’m gonna keep em on the low. But I’m just gonna work on another solo project and making good music, which is all we can do.

Who is your most influential rappers/artists?

Man, umm I got a few. But I will have to say A Tribe Called Quest, Kanye, Biggie, Jay-Z and Andre3k.

Who’s your favorite rising artist right now? Personally I gotta go with Curren$y.

I look up to a lot of my peers that are upcoming because I see how great of potential they have and it makes me strive to do better. But to answer that I’ma roll with Dom Kennedy & Pac Div. Their both from Los Angeles, and overall good artists who make music for all types, and you can relate in someway at the end of the day. Whether, day jobs, school, life, girl problems, fashion, etc.

Seein as how the radio sucks these days and record companies control the sound of artists music, would you sign to a major label or stay independent?

Honestly, you can only do the independent thing for so long. You need distribution and someone to push you. So I mean after I drop “Hometown Hero”, I’m tryna get on and get a bigger buzz and just do it all.

Last but not least got any shout outs, and who’s your favorite new blog site? REUP!

Shoutouts to Chuck Wun, Name, everybody out there holding me down and enjoying my songs, and anybody that ever told somebody to listen to this 16 year old from Los Angeles. And whaddup to Re-UpSpot for seeing my vision and embracing my craft. One love.


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