Lazy Ass Specialist – Iceberg Lettuce EP

Rediscover your love for hip hop. The rebirth of originality to the genre is thoroughly prevalent in the latest release by Lazy Ass Specialist. Breaking beyond the current seemingly monkey- see, monkey- do ism plaguing much of music, the Specialist is committed to doing it his way.

Hailing from the West Coast the Specialist has an apparent knack for detail, authenticity, and experimentation. Iceberg Lettuce reveals the makings of a curator’s tongue, illustrator’s pen stroke, and a composer’s touch and direction. All of which are masterfully balanced to present ye with a true masterpiece.

Silk laced beats, potent lyricism, and a sampler’s platter variety of sounds barely begin to justify this trip of an EP. One must be warned that music composed by this artistan is not for your run of the mill music listener, yet for the chosen few that appreciate music as an artistic medium.

Iceberg Lettuce is the green you wish your parents were force feeding you as a child. With that said feel free to indulge. A bit of everything you’ve heard before, executed like never before.

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