Levi Power Pack (Album x Singles)

I know I’m kinda late on posting this, but hey…I’ve been working on my own album too! lol Here’s an album from one of ATL’s own, LeVi. Before the future is a smooth listening album that will take you on a journey through the mind, ambitions, and dreams of Levi.

Well people… it’s been a long road. But we’ve finally made it here. With all my talents, drive, blood (yes, blood), sweat (A LOT OF SWEAT) and tears, I present to you, my first EP entitled Before The Future. Let me further explain the title. I consider myself to be one of the people that will be the “future” of music, and even beyond that. So, “Before” the future simply means, before I become what I want to be. All the songs, themes, underlying themes ect. all pertain to my life. Before the Future is simply, my present. These are things, events and thoughts that I have now. This EP is not about the Future, but rather, the time period that takes place Before that Future. I hope you understand… If not, just read over a little more until it hits you. Well, without further adieu, I present to you…


*Special thanks To Crooked Tendencies for production of “Smooth Sailing”, Dijon Stylez for Production of “Look Up” & “Real is Back”, G3 for production of “Mestizo Eyes” & “Lazy Afternoon” & Kahzee for production of “In Amazement” … All other beats were produced by myself.”-Levi

Before The Future

Also check out his new singles…yeah…he’s been WOOORKING!! lol

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