Lifestyle Of The Young & Dangerous (Big Rela Interview)

Big Rela has already participated in one interview with us. This time around Big Rela is looking to promote his album, Nitemarez Of Tha Young & Dangerous. We get in deep detail about the album along with a few random things.

Damn, last time we spoke about your last project, your group, life events,to your future.
About the future, tell us the name and origin of this album.

Well i came up with the idea and name of this project (Nitemarez of tha Young & Dangerous) back in 06. I was writing for the Psyko South album “Psykotherapy” and had a line bout the title. I wanted to do an album based off of the whole nightmare scenario and right now was the perfect time with all the Horrorcore connects i have made in the last year.

While downloading the album, what should we expect to hear production wise.

Picture Nightmare on Elm street over gritty and grimey hip hop beats. I would say alot of Necro sounding shit, Flatlinerz sounding shit, fuck it Gravediggaz sounding shit!!! Alot of 90’s Horrorcore influence is on this album.

Is this one of them listen from first to last track type of albums or can I select any track and just bang out?

Honestly, i say you can do either or. I got alot of bangers on there. I tried to set up the album to be a sequence of Nitemarez starting with tha M.I.A. sampled “How Many Boyz?” to “MDK (Nationwide)” to “Evil Thoughts”. Tha intro is actually a perfect set up for what to expect from the rest of the album.

Alright…before we get deeper in the album, whats wrong with kids these days? I know you heard about the 5 kids who lit the other kid on fire in Broward…

Man i think parents now a days are scared to put a belt to the asses of these dumb ass kids. These young people dont have respect for anyone older than them so do you really expect them to respect their peers? I mean in the spirit of this whole horrorcore shit look at homeboy Syko Sam that murked out 4 people in your backyard. Look at tha shit goin down in tha middle east. Violence is embedded into all these kids minds and the parents arent explaining to them tha difference between real life and entertainment. Stop putting your kid on ridlin and fucking beat some ass like my parents did me.

You ever get in them political debates or try to stay away?

I am very much opposed to politics. I dont understand it and i dont try to. All of them are as crooked as the last. But what i do know is Obama doesnt seem to be holding to his word. Funny how he signed off on alot of the same bills as G.W.

Who you been listening to lately?

That new Ghostface is my shit right now. I cant get that shit out of rotation. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. And of course my home town hero Trick Daddy’s new joint. All very worth tha 14 bones i shelled out to cop them. But of course i keep it in house with my homie Vice Gripp’s new album up for free download @ (shameless promo hahahahahaha)

When did you start working on this album and what inspired it?

I started working on this album immediately after Theory of Relativity dropped. So in a 3 month span i constructed a full length album. I have always had a huge love for both horror movies and the horrorcore genre. If you didnt know i got Freddy Krueger, Micheal Myers, Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, and Charles Lee Ray aka Chuckie all tatted to my left arm. I am a very morbid person at times so it is just one of the very many dimensions of Big Rela.

Alright before I let you go, what does this album mean to you?

This album pays homage to the style of rap that birthed Big Rela and Psyko South. I have alot of respect for everyone that makes this style of music. It is not easy to find new ways to murder people for 13 tracks, believe me. But THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK. This is one of my many dimensions. And dont think its any less hip hop than tha next mans music.


Drama and Tha Underground Nation (, Mr.Rage (, TeRRet (, The Culprit, My lady for letting me do this hip hop shit for a living, and The Reup Spot for showing me so much love.

Download Nitemarez Of Tha Young & Dangerous

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