Lihric – “Go” feat. CJ Money (Prod. By Tony Factory)

The Tony Factory Has Been Producing Hits! Like This One From Lihric x CJ Money

LISTEN! Tony Factory has produced more hits in his Sam Peezy days than a lot of these ‘hitmakers’ out here. Facts. But you don’t have to listen to me. Just do what I do: LISTEN to the MUSIC! Now… “Go” (by Lihric, featuring CJ Money; more on them after the jump). Linked that single and “The Weekend” mixtape below.



I’m just a soulful singer painting pictures with words. Words that are infused with emotion.
Rashad “Lihric” Lewis

Singer, songwriter, producer, studio engineer… His folks know him as Rashad. You may call him Lihric. Going as hard on the grind as he does on the vocals, you probably should call him to add that ‘unnnhh!’ to your next track (just saying), like he and fellow Tuscaloosan CJ Money did on “Go.”

CJ Money (native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama) does two things for sport – emceeing and golf (yeah) – and he takes both SERIOUSLY! CJ first met producer Tony Factory (and fellow Tuscaloosan) back in 2011, when he was known as Sam Peezy. Peezy was taken aback by CJ’s word wizardry and took him under wing. As they began their partnership, CJ said, “It’s a dream come true. I’ve always had music but didn’t know exactly how to get it to the people, and I always watched Sam Peezy put out records with some success. When he offered, I was like ‘hell yeah’!”

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