Loz Tha Lyric3st – Street Science

Here is a, fucking sick, mixtape from Loz Tha Lyric3st. He’s a Houston rapper, who we’ve seen out at Turnin Headz, but had never heard a full project from. Very lyrical, with sick vocab. We also covered a show recently that he performed at, so expect those videos/pictures to be out next week.

1. Against The Machine
2. Hand Me The Crown
3. Tombstone Gangstas (Ft. Nitemare)
4. Anaconda Moshpit
5. Death 4 Certain (Ft. Nuk)
6. Lions Den (Ft. Nuk + Nitemare)
7. 420 Break
8. Fbd + Fda (Ft. Fda)
9. Zombiez (Ft. Nitemare)
10. End Of The Earth
11. Nuclear Warfare
12. Take It Off (Ft. Nuk + Nitemare)
13. Abduction (Drumstep Rmx)

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