Lupe Fiasco – American Terrorist Pt. II (Superheroes)

After being involved in little situation with Chief Keef earlier today on Twitter, which has since been removed, Lupe Fiasco now lets loose a new track for fans to check out. “American Terrorist Pt. II,” is not set to appear on his upcoming album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, but following Lu’s most recent tweets in regards to no longer rapping, he shared the track.

My father I have spoken the truth to them yet it has only made my life in this world more troubled. I can bear this no longer… I have spoken peace only 2 receive vitriol and malice in return. My brother seeks destruction my sister seeks attention paths to nothingness. I’d die for them… but they’d probably spit on my grave… I still will die for them… Just bury me in a place far from their reach… Amin. This album will probably be my last… Its been a pleasure to have all my fans provide so much love an inspiration for me and my family, but my heart is broken and I see no comfort further along this path only more pain. I cannot participate any longer in this… My first true love was literature so I will return to that… Lupe Fiasco ends here…

Through the fire, smoke and broken rubble
Walks the secret life, bullet proof and bulging muscle
Death defiant, highest flying over trouble
“Can you please come and help us out of hopeless struggles?”
Sympathy is wearing off and dying out
In the face off all these enemies and crying out
Losing all his energy from finding out
The world is filled with ills ever so close to timing out

Where are those heroes?
Where are those superheroes?

Pondering that supervillains got a point
Told the captain on the roof while they were smoking joints
Flicked the ashes down onto the street below
Looked up, said he hate the city now, even though
He swore that he’d protect it when he landed
And perspectives now changed, all pretty much abandoned
The captain sprayed cologne around and said he understand it
Its getting hard to separate the saints from the satanic

Where are those heroes?
Where are those superheroes?

Last remarks “They did it to themselves”
I killed off Heaven, now I live in Hell
So complicit in their own non-survival
Told them that they biggest rival, is inside you
I do possess the power to revive you
But if I did that, I’d just have to fight you
Cause you truly are the hero and the villain
The world stood froze hearing a truth so chillin’
Reporters stopped filming, somebody shouted kill him
He looked back in disgust, and flew up through the ceilin’
Busted through the roof, and kicked over the building
Before it hit the ground, a younger hero flew around
And put it on his shoulders
Said “You’re naive now
But believe, you’ll believe me when you’re older
Every asteroid you stop, a bomb you fly up into space
You ain’t saving them from danger, you keeping danger safe”

Where are those heroes?
Where are those superheroes?

In my hands, all the peace and all the glory
In my hands
In my hands
In my hands, all the peace and all the glory
In my hands
In my hands

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