Lyric Michelle Gives “Tiimmy Turner” A Dark Makeover

Houston’s Lyric Michelle has taken Desiigner’s “Tiimmy Turner” down an even darker path for her latest video offering. In Lyric’s rendition,“Timothy” is now all grown up and he is on a very twisted mission. Hide your wives. Hide your daughters. DEFINITELY hide your jump-offs!! Timothy is watching and he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.

“Once I heard the original XXL freestyle,  I thought to myself, this is dark and twisty and I love dark and twisty. Then when the song actually came out I just immediately loved the beat and thought of the character Timmy Turner but all grown up, in the worst way.” the dark and lovely emcee shares. “Timothy is just a very disturbed kid living in a world of self proclaimed entitlement.  I wanted to capture the darkest part of him really and have some fun along the way.”

Twitter: @iamlyric

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