Making the Band: An Interview with C.B

What’s the word? We were able to get an interview with C.B before he boarded his flight to Denver, CO. this past Monday to talk about the 19 year old rappers vision of forming a band and what the concept of “Empty Soda Cans & Mini Vans” was intended to be. No other way felt more comfortable other than having a few words at an IHOP while still in Austin, TX. and in between shoveling his Colorado omlet, sausage and side of grits, we exchanged words. Nothing was brief. Nothing was the least to say, C.B told all. Including the truth behind making the band: C.B style. Read on.


Yes! Yes! What’s good my duder!

Just waiting for “Empty Soda Cans & Mini Vans” to be released, of course. But what’s good, where’s the band?

What band? lol. The band is TBA in lamest terms. To be honest, “Empty Soda Cans & Mini Vans” was supposed to be a rock mixtape and be setup like a cross country tour going to town to town just thrashing.

Ah! I See! Then I’m assuming this tape has nothing to do with soccer moms. So what are you actually driving?

LOL. Soccer moms drive clean. You Can’t fox with them bro. But I push an ’07 Scion TC all black like Batman. LOL. But since I failed to get any bands on board, I went in a new pursuit with just instrumentals and just focused on being lyrical and experimental. But bands either didn’t want to collaborate or just didn’t reply to my offers!

LOL. You’re living down in Temple, TX. right?

Man, let’s not even talk about it! It’s right down the road from Austin in the middle of no where. But I’m not from here. I hail from Germany and North Carolina. G-G-GHYEAH!

LOL. So close from Austin, TX. which is HOME OF SXSW! What kind of band in their right mind wouldn’t want to collaborate?

LOL. Exactly man, nobody else is thinking of the opportunity. They either didn’t “feel the concept” or used the excuse that “I don’t have a big enough name to record with.” SMH.

Haha. Did you play any instruments yourself growing up?

I actually owned an acoustic guitar. But I have a keyboard i don’t ever play and then there’s my Roland SP606 sampling production workstation.

Haha. I wouldn’t mind getting one of xmas morning. Don’t think I’d pay attention to anything else hahahaha. Why haven’t you stuck with playing any instruments and live out the rocker in you? Cause if I wasn’t mistaken, I would have thought you would be a part of a group like N.E.R.D.

N.E.R.D. is my chronic!!! Most of “Empty Soda Cans & Mini Vans” was inspired by them. But that’s the plan for the EP coming out later this year; to have all original beats and hopefully be able to make a band to compose with.

I feel you. Ever hit downtown Austin, TX. in search of guitarists playing for spare change to see if they’d form a band with you?

LOL. I’m not that desperate man.

LOL. Just checking. Now if and when you do get the opportunity to start a band, what would you name it?

2wo Left Feet or DUDE! Where’s My Shoes? Something different, random. But at the same time says it all, you know?

LOL. Well in that case let the world know what kicks you got on!

Man, you know I’m a sneaker head. Right now I got on the Black Zebra Skytops.

The shoe games proper and I know you got a plane to catch. So just break us down with some shout outs.

1st I’d like to say…WHATS UP GOD!!! ahaha Jesus whats up my duder?? when’s yalls next party? hahah um..whats up BZ ( 5uper 5ma5h Bro5 in this mother lover!!! Big ups to my ninja warlord/shinobi Kid Thuro and all the members of Nu Breed! Juni-o whats up my duder, thanks for the mastering and tips we’re going to take over on the really!!!! whats up to my duder King Blue and the Sore Losers-Mixtape is dropping Sat!! Whats up Young Trizz his mixtape is also dropping next week!!! um…whats up to everybody else that supports me! everybody on my top on myspace!! too many to name…but WHATS UP!!! and um…last but not least…BIG UPS TO THE REUP STAFF!!!! I HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT! GE GE GEEEEAAHHHH!!!
-0utty 5ooo

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