MC Paul Barman – “(​(​(​(​(​(​Antennas​)​)​)​)​)​)” feat. Masta Ace [Prod. By Memory Man]

Ivy League Slacker Turned Eclectic Emcee Hanging With Backpackers (What A Byline!)

Psychedelic rhymes from an eclectic rhyme sayer. Hearing this, looking at his pic, and understanding that MC Paul Barman’s lyrical lens was calibrated in the Ivy League… Yeah, you’ll get it.

Oh. And on this one he’s rolling with Masta Ace. Need I say more? Hit the jump if so. But hit play first!

(Good bio info in the liner notes of his feature-filled “(​(​(​echo chamber​)​)​)” LP on Bandcamp. Check that, too.)



MC Paul Barman first started making songs in the late 1990s, during his time at Brown University. His wild rhymes about topics like a slacker college student who becomes half man, half goat in order to become a star quickly caught the ear of legendary producer Prince Paul, who produced Barman’s 2000 EP It’s Very Stimulating. That project introduced Paul Barman to the Hip-Hop masses as a guy as likely to drop a reference to a Polish filmmaker as LL Cool J, and to write lyrics that incorporate elaborate rhyme schemes, acrostics, and even Morse code.
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