Michael Anthony – No End Theory

For those who need a refresher Michael Anthony is the spearhead of the THEMpeople movement based out of Chicago that released the well recieved Smoke Breaks IV mixtape in April. As well as the singing you heard on Smoke Breaks IV Michael is also a documentarian by trade and happens to originally be from St. Louis. Check out the moving visuals, interesting first hand stories from Ferguson residents and listen to the song Michael has provided as the for the mood of the whole ordeal.

The No End Theory is a audio visual documentation project that focuses on the idea that problems or questions can be endless, appearing to have no or impossible solutions. This series highlights the people of Ferguson offering a clarity, a window, and shedding light on a situation we can all relate philosophically. Raw accounts of police brutality and the retaliation of a people who are tried of being oppressed and forced to live in depressing circumstances. The media has only given an account from a ‘seemingly unbiased’ point of view, with no understanding of the ‘suspected looters and vandals’ actually on the front lines fighting at night for the liberties protesters exhibit during the day. This song is a melodic yet gritty interpretation of Americas worst nightmare, informed citizens. The song like the visuals give you a first person account of how knowledge can be more powerful and intimidating than a loaded gun.

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