mine+US – Blunt Girl ft. Dizzy Wright

mine+US (prounounced ‘minus’) hails from a small Petri dish of a town in the neo-conservative state of Arizona. Like most american born kids he spent most of his time as a child listening to crappy pop tunes and being a good little consumer. Though as mine+us grew older he began to develop a secret distaste for society and its oppressors. This disgust grew into hatred for authoritative teachers and fake friendly smiles. Around the same time he began to keep his thoughts hidden in between the lines of his rhyme book, confining himself to weekend feasts of half ounces and foreign films, straying from the porcelain personas he once knew.

Meeting DJ Hoppa in the summer of 2002, Mine+US found the perfect musical canvas to express his lyrical talents and songwriting, creating their first album ‘Avantgardening’, an epic, innovative album four years in the making, about life, love, and politics. Following years of nationwide touring, Mine+US went back into the studio with DJ Hoppa to create their third album, ‘Everything Is A-OK’, showcasing his musical and personal growth into a sharp, well-rounded lyricist.

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