Mista Dent – Wack Loss Diet, Vol. 2 – Burnout!

Mista Dent has taken a quantum leap with the sequel. Contradictory, humourous, compassionate, scatter-brained, but fluid and to the point, Wack Loss Diet Vol 2 – Burnout! Is a journey through a musical palette consisting of a montage of different styles and tempos of hip hop. Vol 2 fuses together many genres of music and features songs that routinely switch into completely different beats. Every song transitions into the next
one, to create a listening experience thats best heard from beginning to end. Lyrically, this is Mista Dent’s most unpredictable work, touching upon a variety of subjects and using a variety of literary tools and flows. Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole into the mouth of madness?

Track Listing: (All production by Segun Mista Dent)
1. Intro (Ft Brotha Binary)
2. Burnout!
3. Hang it Over There
4. Megabus
5. Midwestside
6. A Scholar and a Thief
7. We Wasn’t On That (Interlude)
8. We Aint on That.
9. Lil Ghetto Boy (Ft Hazardous)
10. City Lights (Ft. Sierra Candia)
11. Domino
12. Have Your Cake and Eat it Too
13. Lil Ghetto Boy Reprise (Ft. Landon Wordswell)
14. Til The Morning Comes
15. *Bonus* Feel Tha Burn (Epic Finale Remix)


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