New Hilarious Web Series “MIDLIFE CRISIS”

​MC BIZ-E (@KINGSMIJ) and DUB(@SAIKU_AKINLAWON) are childhood friends who’ve had past success in the rap game.  Their young homie SHAKE(@SOLGOODENY) convinces Biz-E that he could be a star again.  Dub reluctantly supports his friend as he takes aim at new “lit” artist YOUNG HAZE(@BUTTACOOLMUSIC)

Throughout this hilarious ride to reclaim past glory MIDLIFE CRISIS symptoms are in obvious effect as MC Biz-E falls for conniving neighborhood thots SHAQUANDA(CHAE A.) and LaTRICIA(@MHEGANLEE) and undergoes a comical makeover in attempts to appeal to a younger generation.
This over-the-top comedy series will send you thru a range of emotions in hopes that this past his prime rapper finds the fountain of youth… CAUSE GETTING OLD SUCKS!!!




In this first episode of MIDLIFE CRISIS, lead character MC BIZ-E is feeling down about his boring 9-5 life. His best friend DUB tries to convince him that this is the way of the world and he should just accept it. When they bump into their young homie SHAKE, his stories of doing nothing and bullshitting all day, somehow intrigues BIZ-E. The two old heads reminisce about their past days of running a crackhouse and old school gaming systems like Atari 5200 and Commodore 64.



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