NFL Week 3 Predictions

Moving into week 3, a lot of interesting match-ups and after today’s college football games it seems almost anything can happen. My picks and Vick’s included.

Chiefs at Eagles.. The Chiefs are not any kind of threat to this Eagles defense.. Phili on the other hand needs some one to step up at QB and I don’t think Vick is going to get too many reps, I hope he does play very well though and I wish him luck.

Cleveland at Baltimore.. Easy pick for me, Ravens have an incredible defense that is going to beat the Browns up. I see Joe Flacco going crazy, about 273 yards passing.

Washington at Detroit.. Aside from it being my team, they actually have a realistic chance to out play the Skins. Don’t be suprised if Stafford goes for 250 yards and two TD passes to Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.

Jacksonville at Houston.. I don’t know if people understand how good the Texans can be, meanwhile, the Jaguars can’t get anything to go right.

San Francisco at Minnesota.. This is kind of my upset pick.. I believe the Niners have the better defense and Gore vs. Peterson means only one thing, the Defense that plays better will win.

Atlanta at New England.. Don’t get fooled by them losing. Brady won’t lose two in a row nor will Bill, especially at home in Foxborough. Think About IT!

Green Bay at St. Louis.. Not really a head scratcher here folks, St. Louis is not doing well, the barbershops are still cursing about how bad they are.

NY Giants at Tampa Bay.. Again I don’t see where it has the chance to go any other way.. Eli finds 3 recievers for 75 yards a piece.

Tennessee at NY Jets.. I’m not on the bandwagon yet, lol but they have looked good and at home I like them over the struggling Titans.

New Orleans at Buffalo.. I want to pick Buffalo as my upset but I can’t i mean 90+ points in two weeks, I’m not going against that.

Chicago at Seattle.. I like them at home against an overrated team from Chicago.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati.. Is this still an upset pick? Some people have already given up on the Steelers, I haven’t but I like this match-up falling in Cincy’s favor.

Denver at Oakland.. Again, I’m not sure if this qualifies as an upset.. I just feel like once Jamarcus Russel does one good thing this team will win.

Miami at San Diego.. Their running game and defense outmatches the Charger’s but will be a very good game

Indianapolis at Arizona.. Upset? Yes. Listen, Bob Sanders is out and the Card’s offense just came off a big game. Could be wrong but I think the home team wins this one.

Carolina at Dallas.. I would love to see Carolina win this but I just can’t say I think they will.

Vick’s Picks.. oh, nice title idea I’ll throw that at him.. anyway, he picked according to the spread on Pigskin Pickem.. which I’m not going to post the spread he can edit and do that if he’d like

Cleveland at Baltimore
Washington at Detroit
Jacksonville at Houston
San Francisco at Minnesota
Atlanta at New England
Kansas City at Philadelphia
Green Bay at St. Louis
NY Giants at Tampa Bay
Tennessee at NY Jets
New Orleans at Buffalo
Chicago at Seattle
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Denver at Oakland
Miami at San Diego
Indianapolis at Arizona
Carolina at Dallas

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