Nice Paul-Dream Theatre (EP)

Kansas’ Producer/Artist Nice Paul’s EP “Dream Theatre is a very mellow, smooth project. The project’s melodic vibe gives it a different feel than your average hip hop project. The beats compliment the content and each of the features prove to be a good match for the project as a whole. Although it’s not long…while listening to it I found myself getting lost in the project, not saying that’s a bad thing, but with full length songs, it plays longer than expected. The project has a triumphant feel which can be noticed from the super powerful intro “Dreams Intro“.

“Dream Theatre, an EP made to give the listener a look into the mind of a dreamer. First the intro takes you to a serene place where one can realize their own potential. Giving off the feel of a valedictorian’s speech, almost presidential. The journey is then taken through Nice Paul’s “Dreams”, where he is filled with self imposed doubt. Realizing the problem, he arrives at the solution ready to work and gets “Focused”. Stepping back from the situation at hand he understands that one must “Keep It Cool” to overcome the obstacles that are put forth. Everyone has problems and struggles and no one is immune to setbacks, but the key to remember is, everything will be “Just Fine”. Given a peek into the “Life” of Nice Paul the listener is urged to enjoy life and take it as it comes. Dream theatre is a reflection on thoughts, ideas, and most importantly dreams and telling everyone to never give up on theirs and to always keep dreaming.”Nice Paul

Nice Paul-Dream Theatre

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