Optimo Radio + Hongree Records Presents: The Munchies

We’ve got your 4/20 mixtape right here. Optimo Radio & Hongree Records teamed up to drop “The Munchies”, featuring: Hongree Records, ESG, Big Pokey, J-Dawg, Dope E of SPC, LOEGz, Doughbeezy, Mike Ro, Domino, Kyle Hubbard, Dat Boi T, and a lot more.

Some dope shit, to smoke your dope shit too.

Make sure to tune into LocalLiveRadio.com, and Optimo Radio for the latest dope, local music. If it ain’t local, it ain’t live, as they say.

In case you missed our interview with Optimo Ram, and Big Gerb + Spiktacular from Hongree Records, check it out below:

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  1. So check this out, so im a Houston native whos been to a few shows and i saw a recent article you did on D-Risha and the subject of BITING and how Reupspot feels VERY strongly about it so i saw that and carried my own opinion so i get to this post and i see the first song is called “Fuck Big Gerb”. How interesting, Risha has a song called “Fuck D-Risha” that i can tell came out way before that now isn’t that BITING and something Re-Up feels very strongly about? Im confused see you guys not only sponsored this mixtape but theres no mention of this Big Gerb character biting D-Risha at all. How condescending is that to readers such as myself

  2. I’m not into this whole shit cause I’m a not from the Houston area, but having a similar title is nowhere near “biting/stealing”. When you have the exact lines from more than a few songs, that’s stealing.

  3. it might of been over 1 year, but def not biting, making a song saying Fuck yourself is not an original idea. its been done for years. I believe Gerb got the idea from 8 Mile.

  4. He should have kept that “Fuck big Gerb” to his self that’s clearly biting. IF he recorded that so long ago can we get some video proof. and now Reupspit is playing favorites…. it never ends

  5. Man I just looked at my homie D-Risha page and I see he got his fuck drisha campaign goin I can assure ya I haven’t seen that til now and you can look at datpiff on his trust no one mixtape and it’s clearly uploaded over a year ago. I put it as the first track cuz I felt it was a good funny intro and that’s that. Don’t need to try and start drama for no reason cuz ain’t no one steppin on toes, it’s all good. Peace.

  6. @whateverthehell – I see what you did there. If you truly believe a similar song title, especially one like that, is biting, then your welcome to my opinion. I doubt it though. My guess is your a supporter of D-Risha that didn’t like the article. I didn’t either, honestly. Sucked to write, but it had to be done in our opinion. I do appreciate you continuing to check out the site though.

    @Optimo Ram, Whats up fam! Don’t worry, they know it’s not biting (imo)

    @htxrapcrap – As with ‘whateverthehell’, I doubt you really believe that. But, your welcome to your opinion. Appreciate you continuing to check out the site.

  7. So it seems the self-imposed rules of this site only apply for certain people it seems. And yes Nick Mar i see what you did as well thats a great way to dance around the question and not address it. My only gripe was with the author of the article not anyone else.

    See this is a deadly game, whoever this person seems fit to trash he will and to celebrate he will as well and make the rules up along the way. Theres nothing stopping me or anyone else from making a bogus article to get people talking.

    Example: If i believed the accusations against Risha and i saw THIS i would be confused as hell. And if i sided with him and against Re-Up spot than this is just another example of fraud journalism. Either way bad look but im good keep doing what your doing misleading im sure this will continue it just the artist i feel bad for.

  8. @Whateverthehell,

    Didn’t dance around it. But let me state it more clearly; a similar song title is not the same as biting lyrics in my opinion. I didn’t ‘trash’ anyone as you put it either, I stated the facts. Which sucked, as I’ve said. You still seem to think I enjoyed writing the Risha article. I did not.

    You’re more than welcome to your opinion though. Like I said, just appreciate you continuing to check out the site.

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