Patchwork Bessie ft. Desi Valentine – One Night Stand (Video) + Interview

The video for the lead single “One Night Stand” A retro soulful,upbeat track featuring the vocals of U.K.’s own Desi Valentine backed by the production duo of Spencer Bellamy and Apollos Gouldborne aka Patchwork Bessie.

What’s the creation process like between the two of you? How do things normally begin?

Basically I would come up with a drum track and bassline idea laid and then Ethan would add chords and strings to the track. Once that is done we give it to the writer. Once that is laid we go back and add more elements to the song as well as the arrangement. However i think our best work is when we start off not knowing what to do. That’s always fun.

What made you decide to branch out into other genres with this project?

Honestly, when I stopped thinking of myself as only a hip hop producer and as a producer. Once I did that my range of ideas expanded. It became exciting and it was no longer about just going through the motions.

Spencer, would you say the “Tried By 12” beat was your most successful? What was that experience like?

Well “Tried By 12” and “Pregame” were the most successful. However I’m really proud of the success and longevity of “Tried By 12” because I released that one independently. To have your song in TV, film and radio minus major-label support is an accomplishment. Not to mention, a new generation of hip hop heads have become familiar with the song. We hope that we can do the same with “One Night Stand”. We feel strong about this song.

What was it like working with Jay-Z?

I laid the track, Sauce Money laid his part. Sauce played the track for Clark Kent and he suggested Jay should get on the song. I think Jay laid his part a few days later and the rest was history. I had no idea that Jay got on until I had a meeting at Geffen. I was hyped to say that I had Jay-Z on a track that I produced.

What are some words of wisdom for upcoming producers?

Push the envelope, find your lane and be fearless. Have faith in God. Prayer and persistence is required.

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