Paul Wall – Slab God (Album Stream)

Personally, I think the direction music is going in these days… not to say I’m not a fan of it but there’s a lot of aspects of hip-hop that have been lost and overshadowed by current trends,” Paul Wall shares with Noisey. “Lot of artists and producers make their music according to current trends and before you know it, everything sounds the same. When I fell in love with music, particularly hip-hop, I listened to it in the car. In Texas, you’ve got to drive, and sometimes you wanna listen to something good. Not something that’s loud with a bunch of screaming for two minutes. That’s a different type of music. I want to listen to music that’s going to accommodate my lifestyle, ’cause I don’t even do clubs. I went all the way back to the drawing board and went back to what made me, y’know, me. Bars, hooks. And that’s what Slab God to me is, just getting back to the basics. It took me a couple projects to get where I want to be, and I feel like I’m in a good spot. Lot of good music been coming out the studio when I go in there lately. I’m proud to be 20 years in, still remaining me.

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