Performance: Little Brother With A Good Rap For The Hiero Day Crowd & A Good Word For #TeamJayforce (Video)

Wow! Now this is EPIC!!!

Thank you for sharing the experience, Brother Odell!

Sometimes it takes a good festival to have one of your favorite Hip-Hop groups rocking out on stage. Well, I want to say thank you to Hieroglyphics Crew who had Little Brother on the bill for Hiero Day 2019. Phonte & Rapper Pooh rocked tracks from their classic “The Listening” album to current hits from the new “May The Lord Watch” album. Phonte also shares with the crowd how back in 2003 Hieroglyphics took LB out on their first tour; something that they will always be thankful for! Watch, Comment, Enjoy, and Share!
– ArtByOdell

Now, I want you to turn to your neighbor and say, “Neighbor!! This is DOPE!!”


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