Pete Kolo & Skandolous – The Outbreak

New mixtape from duo Pete Kolo & Skandolous – The Outbreak. Listen to/Download the album below, and check out some more info about the pair:

About Pete Kolo

“Perception is reality”. That is a quote that lives through an aspiring Nigerian Producer, Engineer, Writer, Rapper, singer, and all of the above that goes by the name of Pete Kolo. The Nigerian native has utilized his variety of styles to come out with an overall new sound that strikes the heart of many. From the tropical vibe in the West side of Africa, to the hardcore feel in the east side of America, Pete Kolo has managed to reach a huge selection of artists to collaborate with, as well as a huge range of audiences to reach out to. Since his first mix tape that was recorded with the Karaoke machine his freshman year in high school, he has worked with Houston artists like Yung Chop, Just Brittany, The Stick Up Kids, Sarah Grace, MC Yung Kut, Zro, ABN, AMG, J Dawg, Horseman, DJ O G Ron C, DJ Alo, DJ Rambo, Felz, and many more. He has also worked with artist from Nigeria, Liberia, South America, New York, California, South Africa, Louisiana, Arizona, Florida, and South Carolina.

About Skandolous

Lyricism. A word that seems less and less associated with hip-hop as time passes, is now being redefined through Houston’s newest (and whitest) sensation. Originally from Louisiana, Skandolous didn’t start recording music until his freshman year in high school, where he and fellow Houston artist Pete Kolo released a mixtape via karaoke machine. Since then not only has his recording equipment became better, but Skando’s style has evolved becoming more versatile and witty. So far he’s worked with artists such as Pyrexx from ABN, J-Dash, Shelly Lane, Young N Dirty, DJ Rambo, DJ Alo, Just Brittany, and Z-Ro among others.

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