Pete Mars – A Really G.O.O.D. Mixtape

Pete Mars is a young, new artist, hailing from Los Angeles, California via Oakland, California who breathes a breath of fresh air back into the genre. He has opened for many marquee artists such as Common, Lupe Fiasco, 88 Keys, Q-Tip and Nipsey Hustle. Influenced by a vast array of artists like Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G., Pete’s music has a very unique and universal sound. Known for his emotional vulnerabilities as an artist, his music touches on everyday topics that ordinary people can relate to.

Mars began rapping at the age of 12 after buying a copy of Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint”, which changed his entire outlook on rap. After years of perfecting his craft, Pete began producing music at the age of 18. He incorporated many different elements of music into his own work to create what he calls “innovative intergalactic future sound.”

Pete has gained a following on the local Los Angeles area club circuit for live performances, after many of which, he is voiceless and depleted from leaving every ounce of himself on the stage. Due to his sarcastic sense of humor and polished stage presence, Pete has won the accolades of not only his audiences, but of fellow artists such as Q-Tip and Common.

In closing, Pete Mars is a wonderfully gifted young man who is undoubtedly headed for greatness. One could say he is truly a man not of this world, whether it is on record or on stage. Of all the young stars in the sky, this one may arguably shine the brightest.



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