Psyko South’s Big Rela

What up Florida boy?

Chilling homie. Greatful to be doing an interview with the re-up spot

Glad to be interviewing you. Why the name Big Rela?

The name Rela stems from an earlier alias i went by. I was Mc Relativity back in high school.

“Theory Of Relativity” explain the title and what does your album have to offer that other Florida rappers can’t?

Theory of Relativity is just my theory that even making genuine old school hip hop is not a broken formula. With my music i feel i dont keep myself confined to the box of just being a southern rapper. I was raised on music from each coast and i respect them immensely. This album is a homage to everything i was influenced by. And thats where Psyko South stands apart from other Florida cats.

What was the biggest learning experience working on your album?

You dont have the crutch of group members coming up with concepts. You have to hold down everything on your own. I havent done a solo record in almost 5 yrs. So there were times where i was stuck after like recording 2 or three songs and i’d be like what next? I think it helped me come out a stronger emcee at
the end of the day.

Which is more important to you Solo career or Group career?

Definitely the group. I started in a group and i will end in the group. I dont have any Big Rela tats only Psyko South ones.

Who are you the most close to in the Psyko South group?

Vice Gripp is my partner in rhyme. We grew as artist together. All my trials and tribulations with this music shit were the same ones he experienced right there with me. Thats family. Thats my little brother right there.

What special connection makes the Psyko South boyz sound?

Each one of us have different rappers or groups or bands that influenced our sound. We are a diverse bunch of lunatics. When the 6 core members are in the studio together its like the end of days.

Who/What are your biggest influences to be a musician?

Ice Cube was my very first rap influence. Alot of Snoop Dogg. Nirvana and Guns n Roses. Right now i cant stop banging Sean Price for the life of me. Eminem and alot of darker rap music molded my sound today. Esham, Tech N9ne, Non Phixion….. Growing up my pops listened to Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and The Smiths.

Big time influences you got there! When did you know you was going to become a musician and how did you start?

Man i was 5 years old watching Moonwalker (Michael Jackson film) and i was just overwhelmed by his performance. I attempted to emmulate him in every way as kid. In 9th grade i switched high schools and met Vice we had similar interest in music and just decided to start a group together. We were writing like 4 songs a day and that was when Psyko South was born 10-26-01.

I’m listening to Flick Ya Lighter…are you for or against autotune?

I dont hate on Autotune. I mean to me its just another effect. I love effects in music. Outkast used alot of effects in there music when they first started. Thats like me coming out and saying i dont like guitars. Dont use them in songs.

Thats a respectable take on it. Any hidden talents?

I am skillfully trained in the art of professional wrestling.

What is in the future for yourself and Psyko South?

I am working on 2 more albums before the year goes out. One is “Big Rela Presents….Psyko South: Group Therapy” With my boys Killuh Trakz and Dyce who I have been trying to bring out for sometime now. That project is straight up ignorant gangsta rap shit. I’m really excited about it. And horrorcore rap album with my boy Wikkid from PA called “Nitemarez of tha Young & Dangerous” due out in October. Finally Vice GRIPP’s solo project “Entering Broward County Vol. 2” should be out in early Fall. That shit is straight rider music.

Dope album cover btw, give us Rela’s shoutouts…

Thanks man. Album cover was done by Gnetx from WickidGraffix. Shouts out to my dawg Drama and the Underground Nation for looking out on promotion. And my boys Terret and Sullen MC for hoping on the album. PSYKO SOUTH!!!

Check out Big Rela’s Mixtape, Theory of Relativity
Find him on myspace.

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