Quelle Chris – “Straight Shot” feat. Cav x Bilal Salaam x Eldar Djangirov x James Acaster

Everything is just a 'straight shot' from here...

Before you say, ‘Okay Quelle Chris got impatient and just loaded the box so he could get the sack (read: bag) with this “Straight Shot” Hail Mary play’… Read how it all came together in his mind… and how he then set out to make it a reality. Then listen to the stream. Artistry!

“Straight Shot” is one of those ideas that reached out to me, we got along and I simply showed it around town. The chorus, poem at the end and basic piano progression literally came to me in two separate dreams. My first thoughts were “I gotta introduce you to Bilal Salaam and James Acaster. Though I’m not sure just how to yet.” Then as we hung out I knew I needed to first introduce the idea to Chris Keys. Now initially I thought it was an interlude but quickly realized while hanging with Chris it was a song. After writing the first verse I knew I needed to invite Cavalier over to meet our new friend and felt it was time to also introduce it to Bilaal and James. And, just as I’d imagined, everyone got along with the song swimmingly. Finally, Chris called on his friend, Eldar Djangirov, who tied everything together with a piano solo that seemed to effortlessly say as much as, if not more, than I can put into words about the entire song and our time together. The rest, as they say, is today.
Quelle Chris



Quelle Chris joins Cavalier, Bilal Salaam, Grammy Nominated pianist Eldar Djangirov, and comedian James Acaster for the beautiful skyward looking new single “Straight Shot.” The song is the second single from Quelle’s upcoming album “Guns” (3/29) and offers a swirling dreamscape, a 6-minute vision of better things to come. When Frito Lay has been gourmet for so long and you continue to make and live with nothing but love, because while the bullsh!t is evident, so too is the glory of all your life’s perfection. Melancholy, down-tempo, reflective, and pregnant with the light of promise, Quelle’s new track “Straight Shot” plays like a choir being lifted by unseen angels.
– Mello Music Group

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