REUP & DJ jAck Presents… The Independent Crowd Mixtape


We could have easily just have left you for the day with a Fourth of July picture of Kate Moss and called it good; But instead, REUP decided to do you one better. In ten days time, we made a project that was hyped up as the most anticipated mixtape of the summer. And releasing it on Independent’s Day only made it all the better.

But at first we began this experience by affiliating with clothing companies and other urban entertainments to sponsor the mixtape as well. But they wanted to steer the mixtape into a different direction and make it into something with big names and artists that are signed with major record labels.

Three days later; a reup of our own occurred. We scrapped the ideas brought forth to start fresh with a new state of mind: “My first album had no famous guest appearances// the outcome, I’m crowned the best lyricist.” That is why we are presenting you with “The Independent Crowd.” The project solely stands for one principle; independence. And with that independence, we bring you artists from across the United States standing up to pledge their independency with each of their own unique style, image and power in hip-hop.

Alongside REUP, the tape is hosted by Cali native, dj jAck to feature an incredible line up with the likes of Curren$y, SeDrew Price, Flash G, and Buckchild; who also released a mixtape today called, “The Fun Rap Mixtape.” But without further ado, REUP presents to you our debut mixtape, “The Independent Crowd.” We hope you enjoy it and happy fourth of July.



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  1. shit was dope and i can honestly say it wasnt a track on it i didnt like. My personal fav. on it was the Losers ft.Lavish- Cant Get Enough…nice work!

  2. Nice work Dj JACK… good things are g’wan for you… you got th talent … just keep doing your thing you will get to the top.

  3. What an adventure! well put together… it’s exciting… good selection of Hip Hop … with an Independent theme… I also like the intro with Jimmy Hendricks’ take of the National Anthem…very thoughtfull… I now we will hear more about DJ jAck in the future… ’cause he has one!

  4. i hella love my brother DJ JACK n he doin his thing on this mixtape. everyone needs to download it n support. its hella good. check it out fast.

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