Presents: The South

The South is known for a lot. Some good, some bad. As far as Hip-Hop is concerned, people outside the South tend to think of us as one-dimensional. They hear the mainstream, see the dances, etc.

But like in all areas of the country, some of our Hip-Hop is good, some is not. And as for the mainstream of Southern Hip-Hop, it’s like the mainstream of most genres. The majority is garbage, with your few shining, quality, exceptions.

So don’t get it twisted. We got lyrics. For days. Like Andre 3000 said, ‘The South Got Something to Say’.

So we present you with “The South”, featuring: Alibi Rankz, Jon Black, Renzo, Chane, Mile High, Swazy Baby, Silent, Rob G, Skewby, Kyle Hubbard, Pat Lee, King, Curbside Jones & Tunk, Squire Zama, Big Rela, Lu Struggz, 4 HeavenSake, NatStar, Dat Boy Poyo, & Vice Gripp. Mixed by DJ Creap.

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