Talks With Optimo Ram & Hongree Records About ‘The Munchies’ Mixtape (Official Release on – 4/20/12 @ Midnight), home of Optimo Radio, is a dope outlet for artists to get their music played. And with 6,000,000 hits last year, seems like people are tuning in. (That is a shitton, in case you were wondering).

Seeing as we’re both outlets that exist solely to support real, dope hip-hop, it’s a pleasure to link up with the LocalLive/Optimo Radio team. We’ll be Official Releasing “Optimo Radio & Hongeee Records Presents: The Munchies” at Midnight on 4/20/12.

The tape features songs from: Hongree Records, Justice Allah, League of Extraordinary Gz, E.S.G, Kyle Hubbard, Dope E of SPC, T2 the Ghetto Hippy, and lots more. Make sure you check back to download that.

So here is a talk we did with Optimo Ram, and Big Gerb & Spiktacular of Hongree Records, discussing the mixtape, the movement, and more.

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