REUPSpot Live: 20 Below Beach Party featuring DJ Creap, Johnny Love & The Dankadelics, GoREALah Soul, Dirty & Nasty, The Forces & Cooley Kimble

For this episode of REUPSpot Live, we where out at 20 Below for the ‘Beach Party’, featuring DJ Creap, Johnny Love and the Dankadelics, Dirty & Nasty, Cooley Kimble, The Forces, and GoREALah Soul, hosted by DJ Creap and Local Party Animalz.

The show had a great line up and was an overall dope show. The atmosphere was exciting and the crowd was loving it. Beach attire, and the crowd at 20 Below always is extra hype.

Some of the performances included Johnny Love and the Dankadelics from Corpus Christi. They have been touring Texas all summer and bring a great Regae rhythm to the stage. I was glad they could make it despite having car trouble. Whoever put sand in their gas tank watch yourself.

But before the Dankadelics performance, guest star party crashers GoREALah Soul (You Genius and DJ Juan 1) came in and destroyed the stage. Not only were the lyrics entertaining but the show was unreal. They literally dropped in Popping Confetti, sirens blazing, and a little bit of lady mackin’. Gottta check the video out.

Some local favorites included Dirty and Nasty. We got to catch up with them a little bit but as always they killed it. One of our favorite stage shows. There first time this far out west as well. Dirty and Nasty brought along The Forces (DJ Arsnik & Mr. X), fellow members of the RSA (Rogue Scholars Alliance) and they performed a couple of tracks. I also ran into Jon Black and Wes Coas who you can catch at the “Wes Coas is Down South” Tour also at 20 Below in Katy on August 6th.

(We also talk with Abraham of High Life Smoke Shop, who is very supportive of local artists and shows.)

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